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Cancellation Policy

We require payment of the base price of your party (the amount of your party NOT including extra children) when you book.  You may change your party date and event package up until 21 days prior to your event. If you cancel your party more than 21 days out, you will have the choice to re-book another date or receive a full refund.

If you cancel less than 21 days out from your party, you will not be able to receive a refund.

Waiver & Check-in Policy

ALL attendees must either sign a waiver, or have a waiver signed for them by their parents or legal guardians before entering the play area. Failure to do so will result in not being allowed to enter the play area.  The waiver can be read and signed either on a computer, your smartphone, or on our tablet at check-in. 

Playground Rules

General Family Room Rules

  • The waiver of liability assumption of risk must be signed before participating in any activities.

  • ALL children must be supervised by parents, guardians or caretakers. No drop offs!

  • All playgrounds have inherent risk of injury. Parents/Guardians assume the risk at play for themselves and the children they bring.

  • Everyone must use provided hand sanitizer before entry into the play area.

  • Please remove shoes upon entering the play area and place them in the cubbies provided.

  • Please remove all jewelry, loose items in pockets, or other sharp or potentially harmful items before playing.

  • No food allowed in play areas. Food is welcome in designated eating areas. (Cafe and Party Rooms)

  • Face and hands must be clean before entering the play area. (We want to keep the equipment clean of food, grease, dirt etc.)

  • No Gum Allowed.

  • Please do not hang/climb/lean on the fence.

  • All toys must remain in designated areas and may not be brought into/onto the playground equipment.

  • Out of respect for others, please ensure your child is free of sickness before visiting us.

  • Play nice! No rough play, pushing, hitting, name calling, or other inappropriate behavior.

  • No adult is permitted entry without a child. No child is permitted entry without an adult.


  • All posted age restrictions must be followed.



* Failure to keep these rules may result in being asked to leave the Family Room.

Birthday Party FAQ's

What are my responsibilities for the party?

Bring whatever you didn't order when you booked the party, such as any decorations, food and drinks you want to bring, eating utensils, plates and cups, as well as an ice cream scoop and knife for cutting cake. None of these are provided unless you have added them to your booking for an extra cost.  


You have one hour in your party room, even if you or your party guests are late. We have to be strict about the time to allow for other parties to be scheduled. At the end of your party, please place all garbage in the garbage cans provided, remove any decorations you put up, and sweep the floor. You are welcome to play for 2 hours on Saturday (or during all open hours on weekdays) but please note that you have ONLY ONE HOUR in the party room you reserve. You will have the party room for only the time slot you reserve which is ONE HOUR.  Your play time can be before or after that hour, it is up to you! (ie. You book a party for the 4:30pm timeslot. This means you get the room you booked from 4:30 to 5:30, and you can play two hours before that time,  OR after that time slot, OR an hour before and an hour after that time slot. Your time slot for your party does NOT change, only your playtime according to your preference.)


You will also need to make sure all waivers are signed.  Only parents or legal guardians can sign for any of the kids attending the party. Any adults attending without kids (ie. grandparents), will also need to sign their own waiver.  The best way to sign a waiver is through our website, but paper waivers are also available at the check-in counter.


PLEASE NO HIGH HEEL SHOES OR CLEATS OF ANY KIND! While some adults may not even plan on entering the play area, we ask that no adults wear high heel type shoes when they come to The Family Room.  This is to protect our foam flooring.  It is easy for adults and kids to forget to take off their shoes and it only takes one step onto the floor with high heels or cleats to permanently damage it.  

When do I pay the balance for my party?

The balance must be paid the day of your party at the end of your scheduled party time.  We don't store your credit card information from your deposit, so please come to the checkout counter to pay your remaining balance.

General FAQ's

How long is the waiver good for?

One full year from the date it is signed. To renew just simply click on the Waiver button from our Parties page and fill out the information and sign again.

Can I bring in my own food?

Yes. There is a cafe area where you can eat and drink your own food that you bring in, or you can buy snack food, ice cream treats, and beverages from our check-in counter.  No food or drink is allowed in the playground area.  There is a drinking fountain available in the party room area near the bathrooms. 

The Corona Virus and

The Family Room

Public Notice


Thank you to all those who have been patient and kind during this time. We know it has been difficult for many of you right now. We are considering all our options in this constantly changing economic world right now in order to not just stay in business, but continue to thrive once we are allowed to open doors again. 


We hope we can maintain a positive relationship with all of you throughout this process. At this time we would like to ask you to consider our situation right now with that same spirit of togetherness that has brought us to where we were before this pandemic hit our country. As hard as we have been trying, and with many hours waiting and waiting on the phone, and with the several applications we have filled out and filed, we, like most small business out there, have yet to receive any funding or financial assistance that has been designated for this purpose. There are thousands of businesses just like ours trying to get that assistance simultaneously. The system is overrun. So we, as a business, must be patient. We know they are doing the best they can with what they have. 


So, we, at this time, ask for your understanding and we ask you to consider, if at all possible, the option of having a store credit at The Family Room in place of receiving a refund for your cancelled birthday party. Your help in this regard will go a long way in easing the financial stress our business is facing right now. We don't mean to minimize or discredit anyone else's hardship, but some of our customers have asked us how they can help us right now. Well this is one big way to help, if you are able.


For those of you who are unable to transfer your birthday funds into store credit, and would like a refund, if you could please email us, giving us your current shipping address and letting us know you would like a refund and we will issue you a refund check as soon as funds become available. We will follow up with you once your refund check has been sent. 


For those of you who can transfer your birthday reservation into store credit, please also email us letting us know that that is what you wish to do. We will then place you on our store credit log along with the amount of credit you have. Once we open doors again you may use that store credit for anything we have to offer, including memberships, punch cards, future birthday reservation, daily admission, and even cafe snacks and drinks and laser tag. The option to receive a refund, if you wish, after we open doors again will still be available to you at any time. 



We can all get through this together. 





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